The Woman’s Exchange, 2016-2017

Mrs. John Nieset (Holly), President
Mrs. George V. Young (Sarah), Vice-president
Ms. Virginia McCollam, Treasurer
Mrs. Andrew Todd (Betsey), Assistant Treasurer
Mrs. John Peter Laborde (Renee), Secretary
Mrs. Thomas M. Benjamin (Sallee), At Large
Mrs. Clifford Favrot (Beth), At Large

Mrs. James Favrot (Sheila)
Ms. Caroline Ferguson
Ms. Lorraine Friedrichs (Tink)
Mrs. Gustave Fritchie (Kit)
Ms. Monica Frois
Mrs. Joel Funderburk (Mary)
Mrs. Robert Gardiner (Anne)
Mrs. Scott Habetz (Julie)
Mrs. Edward S. Johnson (Mary)
Mrs. Russell B. Jones (Tavi)
Mrs. Sanford Bull Kaynor, Jr. (Grace)
Mrs. Allen Kuhn (Lise)
Mrs. Robert Lapeyre (Patti)
Ms. Virginia Miller
Mrs. William Spencer Murphy (Courtney)
Mrs. Gino Rendeiro (Maury)
Mrs. John F. Rowan (Virginia)
Mrs. Jonathan Rynning (Adrienne)
Mrs. Justin Schmidt (Mary)
Ms. Julie Simpson
Mrs. John Steck (Jennifer)
Mrs. Jerome D. Steiner (Melissa)
Mrs. Quentin Urquhart (Anne)

Our Preservationists

The Woman’s Exchange (TWE), owner and operator of the Hermann-Grima and Gallier Historic Houses, was established in 1881 and is one of the oldest women-owned and operated nonprofit organizations in the South. Originally established as a human services organization to help women “in-need” after the Civil War, TWE has evolved into one of the leading historic preservation and interpretation organizations in the country.