Inside the Hermann-Grima House and the adjacent slave quarters, visitors are transported back in time to learn about this bustling 19th-century home, its outbuildings and courtyard. Through the efforts of The Woman’s Exchange, this house was painstakingly preserved and restored. The parlors, dining room, bedrooms, and outdoor workspaces are completely furnished in period pieces.

In fact, one-third of the objects you will find on display belonged to either the Hermanns or the Grimas. From family portraits and kitchen equipment to Mrs. Hermann’s tea set and the historically accurate reproduction carpets and upholstery, bygone New Orleans comes to life at the Hermann-Grima House.

Historians have researched multiple generations who have inhabited 820 St. Louis Street, both free and enslaved, homeowners and tenants, and we are eager to share intriguing stories of fortunes made and lost, disease and death, wars, romance, holiday celebrations, indignities and triumphs, philanthropy and preservation. Our tours reflect the unique history of New Orleans itself.

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