Chairs: Kit Fritchie and Betsy Nalty
Thursday, November 15 2018 at 7pm  
Uptown, New Orleans


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Every fall the Board of Managers of the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses honors our most generous supporters with a reception and dinner celebrating the Circle Level members of the Historic Houses Society. This year’s Historic Houses Gala will be held at a local and recently renovated historic home. The evening will feature live music, elevated cuisine and full bar.

The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses are anything but your typical museum. Our donors and patrons have inspired us to push the boundaries of what our museum can be, and our historic properties have become thriving community anchors and cultural centers. Built in 1831 and 1860, respectively, the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses are continually recognized for upholding the highest museum standards in preservation and education, and we are an accredited museum by the American Alliance of Museums.

How are we able to accomplish our goals, serve our ever-growing audience and remain successful? Only with your support! Joining the Historic Houses Society supports our mission of preserving New Orleans’ architectural and cultural heritage for future generations and funds our growing array of important exhibitions and educational programming at our National Historic Landmark properties—it is your investment that allows us to ensure the continued vitality of our organization.

Please visit http://bit.ly/2M2kkgC to learn about the benefits of your membership. All Circle Level members are recognized with an invitation to the Historic Houses Society Gala. We hope you will join us in celebration!


Thank you to our 2017 Historic Houses Society Members 

Sue Balmer

Valerie Besthoff

Adelaide Benjamin

Sallee and Thomas Benjamin

Louellen and Darryl Berger

Elizabeth Boh

Katherine and Bob Boh

Ashley and Edgar Bright

Marion and Pepper Bright

Elinor Bright

Susan and Ralph Brennan

Marie and Jimmy Cahn

Poe and Guy Carpenter

Jenny and John Charpentier

Ethel Clay

Ellen and Grant Coleman

Monique and Jamie Coleman

Kim and Robert Crosby

Mathilde and Richard Currence

Pam Georges Dongieux

Amy and Stephen Farnsworth

Beth and Clifford Favrot

Kay Favrot

Sheila and James Favrot

Caroline Ferguson and Buck Taylor

Tink Friedrichs

Kit and Gus Fritchie

Mary and Joel Funderburk

Monica Frois and Eve Masinter

Anne McIlhenny Gardiner

Marla Garvey

Susan and Jimmy Gundlach

Julie and Scott Habetz

Beth and Bobby Hassinger

Lisa and Karl Hoefer


Mary and Eddie Johnson

Susan and Doug Johnson

Tavi and Corky Jones 

Lise and Allen Kuhn

Betsy and Gary Laborde

Renee and Peter Laborde

Mary Lucy and David Lane

Merritt and Nickie Lane

Nell Lanier

Patti and Robert Lapeyre

Olivia and Archie Manning

Mary Jane McAlister

Monique and Bob McCleskey

Virginia McCollam and Andrew Ryan

Virginia Miller and Bruce Wallis

Betsy Nalty and Richard Simmons

Megan and Willie Nelson

Holly and John Nieset

Joyce and Sidney Pulitzer

Pixie and Jimmy Reiss

Erica and James Reiss

Maury and Gino Rendeiro

Virginia and John Rowan

Adrienne and Jon Rynning

Katherine and Robbie Saer

Mary and Justin Schmidt

Susu and Andrew Stall

Jennifer and John Steck

Melissa and Jerry Steiner

Betsey and Andrew Todd

Anne and Quentin Urquhart

Kathleen and Charlie Van Horn

Christopher Villere

Michelle and Lamar Villere

Lynne and Hunter White

Virginia and Michael White

Sarah and George Young