The Exchange Shop

Located at 818 St. Louis Street (next door to Hermann-Grima Historic House), The Exchange Shop resides in a building that is the former stable of the Grima family. Owning a horse, carriage, and stable in the French Quarter in the 19th century was an expensive undertaking, and we have left the original stable stalls for public view. This structure is one of the only original stables still standing in the Vieux Carre today and the best preserved example. Step into the carriage courtyard of the Hermann-Grima House, and you will immediately become enchanted by the historic brick walls, lush greenery, and of course, The Exchange Shop.

Originally started by The Woman’s Exchange as a consignment shop for women to earn an income in the 1800s, The Exchange Shop now continues its mission of supporting local women artists, artisans, authors and more.

For many years, The Exchange Shop has been a hotspot for books, art, jewelry, and handmade creations. You’ll always find something beautiful here, from paintings to ceramics, all at a fair price.

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