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Built in 1831 by a German Jewish immigrant, Samuel Hermann, the Hermann-Grima House is one of the most significant residences in New Orleans.

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James Gallier Jr. was one of the most prominent architects of New Orleans in the mid-19th century. His design work found an enthusiastic audience of civic leaders, businessmen, and affluent families.


Immerse Yourself Within Two of the Oldest Homes
In New Orleans’ Historic French Quarter

Hermann-Grima and Gallier Houses Are the Perfect Gateway to Exploring One of North America’s Oldest and Most Significant Cities

Exterior, street facing view of Hermann-Grima home's entrance and balcony in New Orleans, LA

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Historic Home and History Museum

Step back into Old New Orleans with a tour of the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses. These two homes, both originally built in the mid-19th century, have been painstakingly restored to their original grandeur, complete with historically accurate (and, in some cases, original) furnishings.

The Hermann-Grima House

The Hermann-Grima House was built in 1831 for Samuel Hermann, a Jewish-German immigrant and commodities broker. This beautiful home has been remarkably well-preserved by The Woman’s Exchange. In fact, about a third of the items found in the home belonged to either the Hermann or Grima family. The home consists of the main house, a courtyard in its original layout, and the outbuildings, including slave quarters, a hearth kitchen, and wine storage.

The Gallier House

The Gallier House is a stunning example of Victorian design. The home has been furnished according to the household inventory created after Mr. Gallier’s passing, and no detail has been overlooked. Mr. and Mrs. Gallier were known for their style, and the home has been faithfully recreated to their tastes. Visit the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses to learn more about the remarkable history of the families who lived here.


Our museum staff is proud to offer a number of interesting and educational tours for our guests. Visitors can participate in either the Hermann-Grima House Tour, the Gallier House Tour, or both. Group tours of all kinds, including field trips, seasonal tours, and senior citizen group tours, are welcome.

Children’s Programs

We believe that it is important to pass on our town’s heritage and history to younger generations through our children’s programs. We offer camps for children twice a year—a week-long camp is held during the summer as well as a special camp during the holidays. We also offer workshops like cooking, jewelry making, archaeology, and more for Boy and Girl Scout troops.

Specialty Exhibits

Our staff is always excited to work with educators. We frequently collaborate with teachers to create specialty tours customized to their curriculum. Special topics might include archaeology, the role of women in the 19th century, slavery, cooking, and geography, although we will be happy to present information to students on any other subject as well.

To learn more about our tours, call us at (504) 274-0750. You can also book your tour online today!

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